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If you feel inspired to do something for this noble cause, to make dreams on bringing up HEALTHY, RESPECTFUL AND KIND-HEARTED CHILD and would like to assist furthering our project on Moral Education, Care for Ecology and Healthy Spiritual, we would be greatly honoured and humbled to be a part of your valuable contribution & efforts !!

The project on moral and ecological education of children and teenagers has begun in 1983 in Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro´s State.
Through kind stories, games, telescopes observations and creative tasks our project teach the child to understand, appreciate and to love the World and all God Creation. These Project open the door into the Miraculous Country of Wisdom, introduce children with spiritual basis of creativity, develop in them respect for family and feelings of the responsibility.
Unfortunately, in Brazil till now we didn’t manage to find any governmental organizations or big publishing house who are interested in developing of moral potential of future generation. Thus this project can be developed successfully only owing to efforts of hundreds of parents and teachers who are sincerely concerned about the future of the children.
Make a donation

By making a monetary donation to the Project “” you will help us to meet the costs of getting our Project . Your money will go towards the costs of support our vollunters.
Your contribution will also support on-going research and children education work.
You can make your donation via MoneyGram, Western Union or PayPal.
Your contribution will be highly appreciated. All sponsors will be automatically included in “Friends and Supporters of our Organization” and regularly will receive our news (about latest achievements) and occasionally – our newsletter.
Please contact us if you have any queries. You can get in touch with us at our email: astrô
Let us help our children to be WISE and KIND!! Preserve Ecology of our Planet Earth! – Participate in our Projecr Astronomy looking to Creator !

Every donation counts.


4 respostas para Be partner

  1. cesar bentancurt disse:

    hola yo soy cesar bentancurt soy espanhol y estoy viviendo en sao bentos do sul-sc CEP 89290-000 y quiero saber si los senhores tienen alguna informacion sobre el concurso que lanzo la nasa sobre ( apophifs 2004 mn4 ) que pasara proximo a la tierra en 2029 que se preve que tenga su orvita alterada y haga colicion con la tierra en 2036 los senhores tiene alguna noticia sobre ese caso . En realidad yo me incrivi para el concurso y tengo muchas esperanzas de ser escuchado sera un desafio para nuestra nacion pero aguardo su respuesta quiciera compartir mis conocimientos con ustedes y poder hacer alguna parceria para que este proyecto sea el proyecto que salve a la rasa humana de su extincion sin mas los saludo atte: cesar bentancurt

  2. Moacir Carreiro disse:

    Professor Eduardo:

    Sem comentários. O Seu ‘site’ é simplesmente sensacional!
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!!!

  3. Murilo disse:

    Obrigado pelas informações – manter contato.

  4. hbloi disse:

    parabens naunca vi um site tao site incrivel parabens colega vc e d+

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