A little step to reach a dream… and you can help with just U$ 10,00 !!!

This telescope is being donated by an NGO, but I must go and get it in Vancouver CA. The price of this unit in Brazil would be the same as R$ 12.000 (6,800 U$D). The amount that was spent going to Canada is around $ 2.500 (something around 64% off the total price – cheaper than buying in Brazil).

Thus, the campaign has advanced … I only need $ 2,500 (to expenses just with airtickets and hotel) … if you can help me with a 10,00, time may be now. The Observatory of Mato Grosso is close to leaving the paper.


Sobre Baldaci

A Haggai Alummi M606, An Amateur astronomer, A husband, father and a visionary baptist pastor working hard to Plant a Church in Cuiaba, Brazil and to establish the first Cyber Theater and Planetarium in my state(http://on.fb.me/hkCGff) Unique pastor and astronomer in Brazil. Working using astronomy to reach poor childrens and against drugs. http://bit.ly/eu0zgB Member of SOC-JPL-NASA (http://bit.ly/eoyow6) and Astronomer without borders (http://bit.ly/dTCOJG) Host of program “Eyes on skies” TV Assembléia Legislativa(http://on.fb.me/gmF5LE) e Ombudsman of Education State Secretary of Mato Grosso with assistance to 711 schools. About me at Haggai´s web site: http://bit.ly/hAfceX
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