NASA: Mars Rovers Won’t Be Cut

NASA says it has absolutely no plan to turn off either of the Mars Rovers because of budget cuts.

NASA is saying Tuesday that it has rescinded a letter that recommended budget cuts in the Mars Rover program to cover the cost of a next-generation rover on the Red Planet.

The move comes a day after scientists at the agency’s robotics center said they would need to hibernate one of the twin Mars robots and limit the duties of the other because their budget was being cut by $4 million.

That announcement was based on a letter NASA sent to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena last week.

But NASA is saying in a statement Tuesday that neither of the rovers will be shut down.

Sobre Baldaci

A Haggai Alummi M606, An Amateur astronomer, A husband, father and a visionary baptist pastor working hard to Plant a Church in Cuiaba, Brazil and to establish the first Cyber Theater and Planetarium in my state( Unique pastor and astronomer in Brazil. Working using astronomy to reach poor childrens and against drugs. Member of SOC-JPL-NASA ( and Astronomer without borders ( Host of program “Eyes on skies” TV Assembléia Legislativa( e Ombudsman of Education State Secretary of Mato Grosso with assistance to 711 schools. About me at Haggai´s web site:
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Uma resposta para NASA: Mars Rovers Won’t Be Cut

  1. nuno santos disse:

    com o rover em marte podemos criar uma sub’estacao e entao dai criar um “gingarelho” capaz de emitir “ondas” a modos de redireccionar ou fazer expelir os presumiveis detritos espacias para longe do nosso planeta

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